Thursday, April 24, 2008

Track Time

I have this weekend off in preparation of Kev heading to the track for the kickoff to riding season. Also he and Jesse are doing this Shadow Video thing which is cool and it lets Kev onto the track for anywhooKev was getting ready to go the other day, getting his stuff together gloves, boots, helmet, when he decides he should put the helmet on Alex. I thought I would laugh my ass off he looked so funny with his little tiny body and this big ole helmet

Also note the sock on his hand...he does the craziest stuff and makes me laugh everyday. He loves to put socks on his hands I have no idea why. He's a kooky kid just like his Mama...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring is here.....

Spring is here ladies and gentlemen, and the occupants of our family couldn't be happier. From the moment the boys wake up they are clamoring to go "ouside". Kevin is happily preparing for another riding season and I'm just happy to get out of the house and feel warm breezes on my face. The magnolia tree out in front of our house that Kevin planted in memory of my mom has blooms on it.

All my beautiful spring flowers are blooming, the hyacinths near the front door are so fragarant I can smell them every time I walk in or out.

Alex and Cooper are blooming too with lots of outside time and dirt eating, this is a new past time for Alex he seems to like the taste of dirt. I think it;s good for him...too many kids now days have their parents running after them with anti-bacterial lotion, spray, wipes and anything to keep their kids from getting sick or dirty. I think it's good for them to play in the dirt, get dirty, and have fun. I don't want my kids sitting on the couch getting fat and being "safe inside". I want the boys to be raised like Kev and I were, "as long as it's nice out you need to be outside." Well I'm off to get the boys up.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Day off

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. Tried to get my house cleaned and hang out with the kiddies. Have you ever tried to clean with 2 sweet little faces following you wherever you go?? Everytime I turned around I would trip over one or both of them. I'm so glad I'm a mom finally, they drive me crazy most days but how can you resist these faces....
In other news we had our sewer line snaked as our neighbor recently had it done and has helped her immensely. I watched them intently to see what they would bring out of our line, our neighbor had used condoms in hers. I was hoping maybe they'd pull out Jimmy Hoffa or somehing else cool like that, als only tree roots and not very many at that. It wasn't even gross and slimy *Le sigh* I was so disapointed. I firmly believe if we'd had the whole thing snaked instead of just 80 feet of it we would have found buried treasure or some other cool shit. It cost us $125.00 for the first 80 feet and 2.00 a foot after that...can you see why we stopped ????
I mean we have a pretty big ass yard....

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Just a quick post to let everyone know Cooper's surgery went well and he is doing as well as can be expected for having been circumsised and his tummy cut open. Will write more later.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

More pics from the zoo

The Zoo

Today I decided that it would be a fun thing to take the boys to the zoo for the day as a special treat for Cooper as tommorow is the "BIG" day. It was a little cold and threatening rain but we pressed on. We visited the penguins, camels, tigers, reptiles( which Alex seemed to not be too fond of), polar bears, and seals which was super cool as we got to go thru the tunnel and see them from under the water. We also got to walk thru the kangaroo exhibit which at the start they tell you if the kangaroos approach you just stop and back away.....uhhhh yeah sure what I really want to do is go up and pet the nice kangaroo and get kicked in the face for my trouble. I think not. Anyway all went well with a few minor skirmishes, a little whining and some crying. For the most part the day was going well until....Mama decides to plow Alex in the head with a door. As I was opening the door to visit the farm animals Alex was standing at the fence looking at a cow when I pull open the door he comes running over and I hit him full force in the face with the corner of the door. He now has a goose egg the size of Texas. I don't know who cried harder me or Alex.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Potty training part 2

Well yesterday marked another day Alex went on his potty. When I got him up first thing I put him on the potty and sure enough he peed in the toilet so silly me I thought woohoo no more diapers!!! Uh no....he now refuses to get on the potty and gets all upset and starts crying whenever I attempt to set him on it. Well I guess I shouldn't have expected miracles he is only 2 1/2. I really start to freak if he gets to age 3 and is not potty trained.

As some of you know Cooper is having surgery on Friday to get a tiny hernia repaired and also to get circumsised. I am getting more and more apprehensive as the day comes closer, I am less worried about the surgery than I am about the anesthesia. I mean anything could happen...I know I shouldn't freak out about it but he's my baby and the thought of it fills me with fear. He's so little what if they accidentally give him too much???I know they know what they're doing but when it's your own child it's different. We need all the prayers and thoughts you can give us.

Monday, April 7, 2008

It's a big day at the Dornton house

Well today was a very big day around here....Alex went poo poo in the potty!! Yes you read that right poo poo in the potty. There was much jumping around and cheering and oh yeah, Alex was pretty excited too. I was getting ready for work and he and Cooper were in their room when all of a sudden Alex yells Poopy, Poop, Poopy!!!! So Iwent running in saying ok buddy we'll change your diaper...go to take his overalls off and discover he has taken his diaper off and I ask him where is your diaper he points under his bed, I turn him around and see a little bit of poo on his butt run him into the bathroom and plunk him down on the big potty with his little potty insert. I figure I'll just keep getting ready when all of a sudden he says " Done". I lift him up and there it was a poop the size of an adults. I lean down in front of him saying " Mama is SOOOO glad she didn't have to clean this out of a diaper. I clean him up amidst much cheering and Good Boy! Give him his treat of M&M's and he was on his way. It was a good day.