Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Poor choices

Do you ever as a parent sometimes wonder if your kids will ever make it to adulthood because you make poor choices as a parent. Tonight was just such a night. i got home from work and Kev and the boys were gone so I decided to pick up the house a bit get the kids beds turned back pjs laid out and diapers and pulls ups ready. While picking up in the living room I noticed the spray container of carpet cleaner on the coffee table and thought to myself why did Kevin leave that out one of the boys could have gotten hurt. Fast forward to finished getting the boys ready for bed and Cooper running into the living room and 2 seconds later shrieking terribly...I then heard the cat hiss and thought uhoh the cat finally got him. No, Kev picked him up and he is writhing in his arms screaming and we are trying to see where the cat scratched him and I realize he has something wet on his face.. IT WAS THE F ING CARPET CLEANER!!!!! My dumb ass went so far as to mentally criticize Kevin for leaving it out but then not put it away myself. I am so stupid sometimes!!! We flushed his face and eyes with water and then made him drink and spit some water too in case he had ingested any of it. Five minutes later he was running around like a chicken acting fine. That was my first really really scary parenting moment. I feel so guilty that I was so careless with our kids safety.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Out of town

Kev is in Canada for a couple of days and while he is gone I am always torn between missing him and being happy to have the house to myself and spending lots of time with the boys.
I think tomorrow I will take the boys to the splash pad here in Redford. They absolutely loved it the last time we went.
In other news I am contemplating going to Ohio to visit my family for a couple of days with the boys in September. I haven't been down to see my family in ages and I would like to take the boys to meet my side of the family and to go to my grandparents graves and see the old house that I still remember as a child I actually went there a few times before it was sold and it is actually something I remember from my childhood...I have a terrible memory. Any thoughts on this visit yea or na??? Yes I will be going alone as it is during the week and Kev is working...and yes I am crazy for contemplating traveling 3 hours alone with 2 small children.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cute kids

I SERIOUSLY have 2 cute kids right????

Russian war??

The conflict going on over in Russia and Georgia is making me nervous. I worry about the families that still are trying to finalize their adoptions and bring their kids home. Please think of them in your prayers and send positive thoughts their way!!

On a lighter note friends of ours got Alex a Step 2 motorcycle for his birthday and he and Cooper have of course fought over whose turn it was to ride til.....they decided to ride together. It is the cutest thing ever!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Alex and Cooper

Ok Ok I have been more than lacksidasical(did I spell that right?)in my blog posting, but in my defense I have been ridiculously busy and well....I really have no good reason. Sorry. To update, Alex's birthday went off without a hitch...other than an unfortunate ballon incident. He got alot of gifts, the weather was perfect and he had a ton of fun. All in all a great birthday for him.

We are all healthy and happy Kev is working alot and doing stuff with the club, I'm just busy hanging out with my kids. they are going thru a defiant stage right now where everything is NO! It's bad enough when one of them does it but when they both act up...Lord help me!

We did something fun the other night, we got together with 3 other couples that adopted from the same orphanage at the same time as us. It was so good to see them again, I feel like we went thru something together that was a huge event in all of our lives and it was great we could share it with them. They are all great people and we were lucky to have them with us on our journey to parenthood.

In this post I am including the letter I wrote to all of our friends asking for their help..I apologize for the length of the post but it is well worth the read. Please stop for a moment and think if you might know someone who may be interested.

Hello all,
As most of you know I rarely forward emailed jokes or pass on cool websites but I have had something on my mind for many months and am hoping that by sending out this email it will reach someone who has the power or the will to help.
Most of you are aware of the fact that Alex and Cooper have 2 other siblings one is a boy named Roman born in 1999 who is their half brother. They also have a full biological sister named Valery born in 2003. To the best of my knowledge they are living in the same orphanage together in the town of Velsk which is where they are all from. Kevin and I are not in a position to adopt these children or even one of them but it has been weighing on my mind that they are still there and living in an orphanage. My request to all of you is to think about someone you know who may be interested in possibly adopting one or both of them. It kills me to think that the boys will never know them. Please I beg of you to think about it and ask around whether at work, or at church(if you attend church)or even within your own family. I'm in contact with our adoption agency and they were VERY excited about the possibility of us trying to help the children find a home. I can try to get more info on each child and the fees associated with adopting them from our agency for your info if you so desire. I know this may sound like a strange request but you never get anything in life without at least trying. This way I know I will have done the best I could for them and for my kids.

Thanks so much,