Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Poor choices

Do you ever as a parent sometimes wonder if your kids will ever make it to adulthood because you make poor choices as a parent. Tonight was just such a night. i got home from work and Kev and the boys were gone so I decided to pick up the house a bit get the kids beds turned back pjs laid out and diapers and pulls ups ready. While picking up in the living room I noticed the spray container of carpet cleaner on the coffee table and thought to myself why did Kevin leave that out one of the boys could have gotten hurt. Fast forward to finished getting the boys ready for bed and Cooper running into the living room and 2 seconds later shrieking terribly...I then heard the cat hiss and thought uhoh the cat finally got him. No, Kev picked him up and he is writhing in his arms screaming and we are trying to see where the cat scratched him and I realize he has something wet on his face.. IT WAS THE F ING CARPET CLEANER!!!!! My dumb ass went so far as to mentally criticize Kevin for leaving it out but then not put it away myself. I am so stupid sometimes!!! We flushed his face and eyes with water and then made him drink and spit some water too in case he had ingested any of it. Five minutes later he was running around like a chicken acting fine. That was my first really really scary parenting moment. I feel so guilty that I was so careless with our kids safety.

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Whimsy said...

I have bumped Alice's head on the SAME piece of furniture like FIVE TIMES. You would think that I would either get smart enough to AVOID the vicious piece of furniture, or you know, MOVE IT.

But I don't. And I still haven't.

I think sometimes that our kids will survive to adulthood in spite of our best efforts.

But seriously, so glad that Cooper is okay.