Thursday, September 11, 2008

Always remember

I will never forget that day, the beautiful pristine blue sky the thick black smoke pouring up polluting the beauty of the sky. My horror when I called my mom for some mundane thing and her telling me turn on the T.V. at work, a plane just hit the Twin Towers. As I was yelling to my coworkers to turn it on her saying OH MY GOD another plane just hit the other tower !!!! She started crying and a cold chill went down my back knowing this was no freak accident this was deliberate. I remember the silence.... only punctuated by one of my coworkers quiet sobbing as we watched the towers burn. What could you say at a moment like that knowing all life as we know it was about to change. The fear of not knowing what was to come, the feeling of "I just need to get home and I'll be safe." But still knowing none of us were safe and wishing it was all just a very bad dream. That day began a new normal for all of us. Remember it can happen again in an instant, remember those who were lost, remeber how we came together as a country then united in our horror and anger. Let us never forget that horrible day.

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melbs said...

You know how I awoke that day? A call from Jill saying I don't think we'll be flying out today, Mom. (she never calls me mom) Turn on the TV. As the picture came on, the second plane hit. My heart and the hearts of our country sank. Then, my daughter flew out 4 days later with a very small Audrey in her arms! I'm telling her, no, no, just wait. She tell me, "Mom, there will be no saver time to fly than now!" Besides the horror of the day, I later discovered the horrors of her untold life. Of course she had to come "home". Many lessons were learned that day. Most of all, to value each moment with those you love. We loved your mom greatly, and so we love you, too. Did Jill ever tell you that our tatooed ankles have the A and C? I told her it was for Alex and Cooper too!