Sunday, April 19, 2009


Sundays at our house are always melancholy days, Kevin has to go back to Canada and then the boys and I are left to our own devices. Today was a day like no other. Started out the same Kev leaving the boys and I eating lunch, boys to nap. I had started getting a headache earlier but wasn't too bad, around 2:30 it really hit me. It was so bad I called my mother-in-law in tears asking her to come get the boys. She quickly came and picked them up, and I went to bed. Woke up 2 hours later and felt fine. I have never had a migraine but I'll tell you if that is even 1/10th of how bad a migraine is I think I would keel over from the pain. I think my tolerance for pain is ok but that headache kicked my ass. The boys were so sweet....Mama don't cry, I love you Mama, are you okay Mama??? I am raising 2 amazing little boys.

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