Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring is here.....

Spring is here ladies and gentlemen, and the occupants of our family couldn't be happier. From the moment the boys wake up they are clamoring to go "ouside". Kevin is happily preparing for another riding season and I'm just happy to get out of the house and feel warm breezes on my face. The magnolia tree out in front of our house that Kevin planted in memory of my mom has blooms on it.

All my beautiful spring flowers are blooming, the hyacinths near the front door are so fragarant I can smell them every time I walk in or out.

Alex and Cooper are blooming too with lots of outside time and dirt eating, this is a new past time for Alex he seems to like the taste of dirt. I think it;s good for him...too many kids now days have their parents running after them with anti-bacterial lotion, spray, wipes and anything to keep their kids from getting sick or dirty. I think it's good for them to play in the dirt, get dirty, and have fun. I don't want my kids sitting on the couch getting fat and being "safe inside". I want the boys to be raised like Kev and I were, "as long as it's nice out you need to be outside." Well I'm off to get the boys up.

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JWalker said...

Well I have to say the best part about all these pictures is that Alex's shirt says "I wanna rock!" as he is making mud pies in his mouth,...LOVE IT.

And BTW,...are you letting Copper furfill his dream of being Babe the pig by letting him lay and roll in the dirt?? Again,...LOVE IT!