Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Zoo

Today I decided that it would be a fun thing to take the boys to the zoo for the day as a special treat for Cooper as tommorow is the "BIG" day. It was a little cold and threatening rain but we pressed on. We visited the penguins, camels, tigers, reptiles( which Alex seemed to not be too fond of), polar bears, and seals which was super cool as we got to go thru the tunnel and see them from under the water. We also got to walk thru the kangaroo exhibit which at the start they tell you if the kangaroos approach you just stop and back away.....uhhhh yeah sure what I really want to do is go up and pet the nice kangaroo and get kicked in the face for my trouble. I think not. Anyway all went well with a few minor skirmishes, a little whining and some crying. For the most part the day was going well until....Mama decides to plow Alex in the head with a door. As I was opening the door to visit the farm animals Alex was standing at the fence looking at a cow when I pull open the door he comes running over and I hit him full force in the face with the corner of the door. He now has a goose egg the size of Texas. I don't know who cried harder me or Alex.

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JWalker said...

Ohhh I love the pictures of the kids,...the one with Copper tugging his ears, we was sleepy. And the other one with Alex making his "ohhh face", it.
I'm glad you guys had fun. Thinking about you today,...good luck doll.