Thursday, April 24, 2008

Track Time

I have this weekend off in preparation of Kev heading to the track for the kickoff to riding season. Also he and Jesse are doing this Shadow Video thing which is cool and it lets Kev onto the track for anywhooKev was getting ready to go the other day, getting his stuff together gloves, boots, helmet, when he decides he should put the helmet on Alex. I thought I would laugh my ass off he looked so funny with his little tiny body and this big ole helmet

Also note the sock on his hand...he does the craziest stuff and makes me laugh everyday. He loves to put socks on his hands I have no idea why. He's a kooky kid just like his Mama...


JWalker said...

Why does it look normal on Alex,...but Copper looks like an alien? Funny! I'll show you my sock trick in a few days,'s funny!!

GrandmaT said...

Hey Susan,
The boys look great! We can hardly wait to see them.
Tony and Cheryl